Marketing Consulting

Burke Media Marketing, Inc. works with a small, select group of businesses each year on a one-on-one basis to help them build market share and profits. Whether it’s analysis of your current marketing plan or creation and placement of an ad campaign for a specific strategy, our expertise can help you develop a roadmap to success through marketing and advertising. With a core discipline in Hispanic media, we can develop an effective  Spanish Language component of your marketing strategy that works hand-in-hand with your general market strategy to insure you maximize both segments of your marketplace.

If you’d like to talk to us about helping your business with its advertising and marketing strategy or execution, contact us for a free 20 Questions evaluation of your specific challenges. These are hard questions that will take some thought and may force you to face some blunt realities about your business. Once we have ascertained the answers to these important questions, we will find out whether our expertise is right for you.

Examples of the questions we’ll ask:

Q: Is your company faced with competition or opposition?

Q: What would your customers say about your business if we asked them?

Q: What drives sales and what drives profit?

Q: Is what you do best what you’re known for?

Advertising Consulting

Once we agree that Burke Media Marketing can help your business, our advertising expertise can execute the creative design and, if needed, media placement to help you compete and win in an increasingly cluttered market.

With advertising, you have three choices—
using a professional service,
doing it yourself,
or not doing it at all.

Which gives you the best chance of winning?

Burke Media Marketing offers a full range of  advertising, marketing and media buying services focused on helping our clients identify marketing opportunities, develop goal-based strategies, and produce creative, effective advertising. Here’s a brief overview of our services.

Advertising succeeds when it’s based on sound marketing principals. We can produce targeted radio, television, print, and digital strategies using an integrated marketing communications approach and time tested marketing principals. No Matter which business you’re in, you can benefit from our expertise.

With an unbiased eye, our media planning identifies target markets, evaluates relevant demographics, and makes recommendations based upon the goals, budgets, and strategies. Finally, we negotiate aggressively to leverage your budget for important value added exposure.

Brand Development
Your customers have an image about your company but you may have a different picture in mind. We help you reconcile those perceptions, discover the differences that separate you from your competition, and develop tactical ways to communicate those differences.

Marking Intelligence. Creative Solutions. Above the Clutter.

Dominate your market.