Dave Burke is one of the most in-demand media sales trainers and speakers in the nation. As President of consultancy Burke Media Marketing, Inc., Dave has worked with radio, cable, and TV stations all around the country helping them help their clients maximize their advertising impact.

Dave works with nearly 500 businesses a year, year in and year out,  and offers specific, critical analysis of their current advertising strategy and creative execution. Whether it’s creating a winning campaign plan or simply adjusting expenditures, Dave’s recommendations have helped hundreds of businesses compete more effectively and more efficiently.

With media clients, Dave trains and inspires managers and sales people alike to become experts at advertising strategy and tactics. Dave’s idea is simple: If media partners are able to help their clients develop targeted advertising that works, then their clients will help the media partner grow and dominate their market.

Dave Burke’s media and advertising career began over 30 years ago. He was a broadcaster in the US Army and was a founding member of CNN, having helped build and eventually run it’s original Los Angeles News bureau.

He worked in television production for nearly 15 years writing, producing, and directing documentaries, weekly programs, specials, commercials, music videos and more. He’s been nominated for two regional Emmy Awards for his television work.

After evolving in to sales, Dave spent 10 years as a General Manager of radio stations in Sacramento, Denver, San Jose, and Boston. He also acted as EVP of a New England based radio station group of 15 stations in three states.

Dave also founded BlueMarble Communications, a full service advertising agency with clients in the retail, state agency, financial services, and software categories.

He created his consultancy in 2002 to be better able to help both media outlets and business owners dominate their markets. Since 2007, he has worked with Entravision Communications, one of the nation’s premier Hispanic broadcast groups, as their National Director of Local Sales, helping clients and media teams alike grow their local Hispanic business.