Business Owner Advertising Seminars

"The responses from the evaluations were totally positive. Many attendees asked that we bring you back next year.” – Don Hicks, President, Missouri Broadcasters Assoc.

Business Owner Advertising Seminars

“5 Ways to Sabotage Your Advertising”

Fast paced, entertaining seminar where the 5 most common mistakes businesses make in their advertising are discussed. Dave covers creating the message, picking the media, media placement, brand strategy, and more.1.5 hrs

“Hispanic Consumers: The Key to Your Economic Recovery”

Attracting Hispanic customers today is a business imperative for many business owners. In many communities, Hispanic growth represents virtually ALL the growth. If you’re not aggressively pursuing these valuable consumers, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity. With his years of experience in Hispanic marketing, Dave shares the specifics you need to know to effectively attract Hispanic customers and better yet, how to keep them! – 2 hrs