Radio/TV Management Training

"Dave is a prophet whose time has come. His methods result in real, measurable increases in sales that will have you basking in new business joy." - Don Fitzgibbons, "The Guru of Ads"

For Sales Managers/General Managers

“Coaching Peak Performance”

The Management Leadership Challenge for today’s manager goes beyond just hitting budget. This training shows managers how to build a winning culture that attracts top talent, keeps them motivated at high levels, and focuses on how to create dominant billing without dominate ratings. New, relevant training for today’s manager. – 4 hours

“Local Sales Leadership – Winning the Battle on the Streets”

Comprehensive three-part seminar tailored for the most pressing concerns of today’s managers: Building and Coaching Your Team, Creating a New Business Boom, and Better Relationships, Better Billing. – 5 hours

“Fire Up Your Sales Meetings”

If your sales meetings have become stale and your staff has lost interest, it’s time for some new ideas on how to make your sales meetings valuable, motivating, and anticipated by your staff. – 1 hour

“Five Most Common Recruiting Mistakes”

Finding great talent is a tough challenge no matter what size market you’re in. In this important session, we examine the 5 most common mistakes managers make in recruiting sales talent. – 1 hour