Sales Team Training

“Thanks for your wonderful Auto Dealer presentation.You were awesome!” Chris Merritt, Exec Director, Ohio Association of Broadcasters.

For Account Executives/Sales Managers

“Street Smart Selling – Dominating Local Sales”

Ready to start down the road to Top Biller Status? Here’s your roadmap! Covering all aspects of how to build your business, this fast moving seminar covers the process from prospecting to diagnosis to closing.  We’ll also cover the marketing warfare principals that keep Top Billers on top. “Street Smart Selling” makes you a dominant force in your market. You’ll get all the templates and materials to hit the road running! – 4 hours

10 Rules for Writing KILLER Copy”

How many times have you spent months selling a client only to have the ad not work? There is nothing more frustrating! Clients want to see your advertising create traction right away, so here are 10 of the most important elements you should include AND exclude from ads you create.  Nobody cancels advertising that works! Here’s how your ads can work better. – 2 hours

“Car Dealer Sales Secrets: How to Sell Dealers and Keep them Sold!”

The car business much different today than it was just 3 years ago. Tight credit, short inventories, fewer dealerships, soft economy…dealers are faced with an unusual set of challenges and are relying on media partners for more help than ever. This session will show you how the business has changed and how it can add to your billing. You’ll learn “inside” information on how dealerships work, what’s working and what’s not, and how you can use your dealership knowledge to sell more, close more, and keep more car business. Real world, real answers, real billing! A MUST session if you work with car dealers. 3 hours

“I wish I had this when I started here 3 years ago. Great training!” AE-Texas
“This is very helpful. You know your stuff!”
AE- New Mexico
“I’m ready to take on my dealerships!”

“Hispanic Media Selling – Say HOLA to Increased Revenue!”

Businesses across the country are looking for help in attracting Hispanic consumers. With this one-of-a-kind training session, Dave lends his years of Hispanic media and marketing expertise to show you exactly how to attract the Hispanic consumer, detailing the cultural nuances needed to make advertising work best, and providing guidelines for your client to insure their success. Important material for today’s businesses!  -2 hrs.