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Using Sense Makes Sense

I was filling the gas tank on my lawnmower last week preparing to cut the lawn, when an aroma of cut grass from the mower and gasoline hit me. It brought me right back to the summertime of my youth, spent mowing lawns for extra money. All at once, it made me feel happy, nostalgic, energized, and youthful. What a powerful sense of smell can be. Experts say it’s the most powerful of all our senses in triggering memory.

When we write copy, we very often overlook the power of the senses. I believe this is something we need consider more carefully. If you’re writing an ad for a restaurant, shouldn’tyou include the sizzling sound of something on the grill, or an evocative aroma that transports the viewer or listener to a particular place? You could even use a smell memory in an ad for a shoe store. Who doesn’t have a memory of the smell of new sneakers fresh out of the box? Of the smell of new leather being slipped onto your foot?

Our memories are everywhere and can be powerfully triggered by our senses. Don’t overlook this important part of your creative process. You’ll be surprised on you can create ads that resonate deeply with your client’s customers.

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