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Yelling Louder isn’t the Only Answer

The Holiday season is in full advertising throat right now. National retailers in particular are running saturation schedules on TV and radio that are hard to miss. But generally,  I find them easy to forget.  There are two ways to get noticed with your advertising. One is to buy “tonnage” so that people can’t miss you. But what if you’re a business that doesn’t have the money to buy that way?  How do you compete, and more importantly, get noticed?  You can compete through creative messages. If your message is entertaining to watch or listen, people will notice your ad. Better yet, you’re likely to be remembered.  As I point out in my copy-writing seminar “Ten Rules for Writing Killer Copy”, obey the “First Five, Last Five” rule , as the most important elements of your on air message are the first 5 seconds and the last 5 seconds. Creative messages alone can win in a crowded marketplace. But when you add creative messages with saturation schedules, magic can happen.  Just ask any woodchuck chuckin’ wood, or back seat piggy named Max.

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