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Why do “Flash Mobs” Make me happy?

Are you familiar with Flash Mobs? These are groups of people who organize throughFaceBook or Twitter to surprisingly do something as a group in a public place as anapparently spontaneous event. Maybe you’ve seen the Flash Mob dance party on theOprah show during a Black Eyed Peas performance. Or maybe have seen the Grand CentralStation “Freeze Mob” video on You Tube. Another just took place at the Des Moines ArtFestival in my hometown, where 50 people danced a choreographed number to a pre-arrangedsong, then disappeared into the audience.

There’s something about these events that touch me. It might be the element of surpriseand pleasure that others enjoy when these groups perform. I appreciate the work that thesepeople have put in ahead of time to make the event look completely spontaneous. (The leadmember of the Des Moines Flash Mob says her back yard has no grass now due to all thedance rehearsals before the event.)

It’s not unlike a sales presentation. Ideally, you rehearse your presentation to have it appearnatural and spontaneous when you are with the client. Only you know the work you’ve putin to make it appear natural. And if you’re well rehearsed, the presentation is usually a hit.Maybe that’s why Flash Mobs make me so happy.

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